Our Continuing Mission of Support and Hope to the Women of the World

Our Mission: Serving and empowering families through community partnerships. Providing healthcare, education and hope.


Partnering with key pharmaceutical companies to provide free and affordable medication

Birth Defects

Preventing, diagnosing and treating birth defects in children.

Prenatal Care

Providing proper nutrition and wellness for woman, to help ensure healthy, happy babies.

Gynecological care

Ensuring key wellness checkups and important exams to promote health and wellness.

Global Health Initiative

WCHI is a health mission oriented charity, focused on providing quality health care, education, and awareness to women and children around the world. We use grassroots development programs as the vehicle to deliver our intended goals. Our organization works closely with the local communities, and government agencies (locally and internationally) to assist and alleviate some of the challenges faced by both women and children of the world.

WCHI’s management and leadership team see the combination of high quality healthcare, and education to “Inspire a generation” and work to minimize some of the challenges women face around the globe.

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