Our most recent medical mission trip was to Costa Rica where we partnered with Casa De Oraccion Y Alabanza, a local Christian church in Ciudad Neily, pastored by Christian Espinoza Ruiz and His Wonders Christian Academy School.  Our team consisted of both medical professionals and Pastor Wayne Robinns, PhD.

It was truly amazing to see how god used us to touch the lives of so many.  We were blessed to provide medical care to the community of Ciudad Neily and the remote Indian village of Nogue tribe.  Through our presence we were able to spread god’s word, mentor new believers, provide health care and teach CPR.

I have seen the difference we all can make and I am passionate about our mission. “We cannot do this alone”, with god’s grace we can be transformative and change the lives of people in desperate need.  It will take all of us leaning in to each other, being bold, and thinking differently with purpose.  I am excited about our future just as I am every time I hear that new baby’s first cry.  I ask if god places it on your heart to come along with us on this amazing journey, through prayer, donation, or boots on the ground support?  Is it time to be bold and step out of your comfort zone, and be the difference in the world as you know it.  Our next mission trip in the planning phase is to an orphanage in Mexico.